Outdoor Cat Furniture Built Your Own

Aug 4th

Outdoor Cat Furniture – Does your cat wants a nice house and tree exercise but do not want to get a job to buy one? Well, there are ways to get everything you need for free. If you’re willing to do some research on the internet, in your attic and around the neighborhood you can find all the items needed to build the kind of furniture for cat you see in pet stores.


Internet searches using the phrase “free plans for outdoor cat furniture” in quotes and various designs that you can download will appear. Most require a combination of plywood, cardboard tubes, pallets and carpet, but everything can be located free. Call your friends and neighbors and tell them about your project. It might have tools and leftovers that you can use or borrow. It is also your best bet to find free rope for scratching post. Think about people who make crafts or are gardeners, they may have both the tools and materials in excess.

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Always ask before you take something like build outdoor cat furniture. Most employees in shops and buildings have many leftovers that will give you gladly, but make sure it’s right. What may seem like a spare may have a purpose for them. Share your results with people to help you. If you asked borrowed or received donated materials, tools especially friends will appreciate seeing his garbage served a purpose. Always use safety equipment and tools, do not operate without first figuring out how to use them.